"I chose them because they were the best"


"Mid-South Color lab is an invaluable partner for me. Having worked in the industry for almost 30 years now, and used a variety of labs out there, I can say that the personal customer service is absolutely unique among photographic labs in our industry.  Brooks, Dirk and the rest of the team are so personable and care so much about our relationship. Also, being one of the most expensive portrait photographers in the country, I absolutely must have quality at the highest level without compromise. With Mid-South, I know I will get that every time. The quality is second to none.    

"When my long-time lab closed their doors, I embarked upon a long and arduous search for the best lab in the country to meet my needs. In the end, I did not choose Mid-South because they were the cheapest, I chose them because they were the best.  Everything that has followed that decision has absolutely surpassed my highest expectations. It was the best business decision I have made in a very long time.”

Bradford Rowley
Bradford Portraits
New York•Palm Beach•Miami•Costa Mesa

" Mid-South truly cares about their clients"

wm branson

"I LOVE working with Mid-South. Their quality is top notch, which is exactly what I want to provide to my clients. What I love most about working with Mid-South, it the personal relationship I have with Dirk. He truly knows my business, and on a few occasions has saved the day when I've incorrectly placed an order for a finish, size, or product I don't normally order. This has saved me money and headache on my end. Mid-South truly cares about their clients, and you're not "just a number" as I have often felt with many other labs I have used. I have sold millions of dollars worth of portrait work, and Mid-South is the lab that has produced it all."

Emily Lesher
Emily Portraits
American Fork, UT

" I have found my team--Mid-South Color Labs"

wm branson

"The day I started working with Mid-South Color Labs was the day my life in the studio improved. Changing labs has never been easy but the switch to Mid-South could not have been easier. From day one, their service has been incredible! Whenever I call with a special request or a problem that I have created, customer service has always said 'We can take care of that, do not worry about it.' On top of this great service is their fantastic print quality and turn around time. It is so nice to find a lab that is concerned about my satisfaction. As a high-end studio, I need a team behind me working and delivering the finest portraits that can be produced. I have found my team--Mid-South Color Labs. Thank you Mid-South for being there and making my portraits look their very best."

William Branson, III
M. Photog. Cr., Fellow - ASP, ABIPP, ARPS
Founding Member ISPA 
William Branson III, Inc.
Franklin, TN



"For me, what I love about portrait photography is the never ending creative process.  Working diligently to perfect design, lighting and posing is what I want to concentrate on.  Mid-South Color allows me that freedom as they take care of perfecting the beauty of the final image.  Knowing and trusting Brooks and his amazing team to personally watch my orders and tweak where needed guarantees me the perfectly printed portrait.  Each photographer has their own vision of what the finished canvas should look like.  Mid-South doesn’t limit me to a drop-down box with three options in finishing, instead they worked with me to find the perfect canvas and spray combination to complete my vision.  My clients choose me because they desire a style that I create, they return because we exceed their expectations with quality."

 Audrey Wancket
M. Photog.,Cr., CPP
Wancket Studios
Spring Grove, IL

"a staff that will treat you like family"


"Finding Brooks Clayton and his staff at Mid-South Color has been an incredible blessing on many different levels.  Creating top quality products for our art savvy clientele takes a team of dedicated professionals.  We consider our lab to be a critical member of our team and Mid-South is the perfect fit.  Brooks personally worked with us to create unique repeatable processes and products that communicated the WOW factor we were trying to achieve.  He has developed and trained a highly skilled and personable staff that will treat you like family.  It is a rarity to find such a skilled quality conscious business that cares about their clients."

 Gregory Daniel
M. Photog.,Cr.,F-ASP
Gregory Daniel Portrait Artist
Titusville, FL

"Helped me to establish myself as a photographic artist"

Heather Headshot 2016 web

"I've chosen to partner with Mid-South Color Lab as the main source for my wall portrait art because of the quality of work that my clients expect and that I want to sell. Brooks & the team at MSCL have helped me to establish myself as a photographic artist by providing a product that helps transform a photograph into an art piece.

"I now have portrait options for the most discerning client and can charge accordingly for each piece."

 Heather Beadles
M. Photog. 
Beadles Portraits
Stillwater, OK

"A lab who takes the time to understand"

Cansler 117369 HS

“In the age of instant gratification and maximizing profit by cutting corners, it is a revelation to find a lab who takes the time to understand what you want and helps you achieve a level of richness, depth and unparalleled value that you desire all your portraits to display.”

Brad Cansler
M. Photog.,Cr. 
Cansler Photography
Chattanooga, TN



"It may not always be overnight, but it's always right!"


“I choose Mid-South because of their unsurpassed quality product, attention to detail and impeccable, old fashioned customer service. Nobody does it better! When it comes to strategic partnerships for your business, your lab should be at the top of your list. On my list, Mid-South is that lab.

"It may not always be overnight, but it is always right!"

Gabriel Alonso
M. Photog.,Cr.
Gabriel Portraiture
Ft. Worth, TX

"There is a professional lab that can still deliver"


"Mid-South Color embodies everything you would want in a lab. They excel in quality, customer service, and commitment. In today's industry many of theses qualities have become diluted, but not with Mid-South. Brooks Clayton and his superior staff make you feel more like a friend, rather than an account number. They are just as concerned with your final product as you are. The quality of their prints are superb and deadlines are always met. My image as a professional is very important to me, Mid-South Color is a key component in maintaining the level of quality that I desire."

 T. G. McCary
T. G. McCary Photography
Natchez, MS

"above and beyond my highest expectations"


"I came to Mid-South Color Labs when my previous lab closed over night. In a panic, I phoned a well-known photographer in my area whose work I admired and she recommended Mid-South. Brooks Clayton calmed me and promised to take care of my work. Ever since he has been a mentor and a friend.

What I most appreciate about Mid-South is my being able to reach anyone with whom I need to speak. I do not feel like a number and I don’t have to convey my thoughts to the “sales person at the counter” who will relay my messages to the powers that be. The lab goes above and beyond my highest expectations—timely turn around, professionalism and 100% reliability.  All the employees are a joy to work with.  

Mid-South staff’s extra-ordinary consistency, tight color control, and management of print integrity have made me a loyal and devoted client. I feel the increase in sales I have experienced since becoming a customer is a direct result of their skill and dedication to quality, and their high degree of technical and digital abilities. 

I look forward to many more years of working with Mid South’s ‘can do’ attitude, enthusiasm and love for the art of photography."

Lyn Ofrane
Lyn Ofrane Photography
Teaneck, NJ

"My lab has to be an extension of me."


"For the last twenty five years I have sent my work to Mid-South Color Labs. Having experienced their ability and quality while at Skipworth in Memphis, I saw absolutely no need to change labs when I opened my studio in Nashville. Like most professionals, I have my list of preferences. The people at Mid-South have come to know me and what I expect. I like their attitude toward being a 'partner.' That means I get their best every time. And when I have a special request, even computer issues that have nothing to do with the lab, Mid-South is there extending their best to me. I like that in a lab."

Michael Thompson
M. Photog., F-ASP
Nashville, TN

"Why would I go anywhere else?"


"My relationship with Mid-South Color Labs started 10 years ago. There has not been one day that I've considered using another lab. Brooks and his co-workers care about my business as much as I do! His staff knows what I expect, and they produce the portraits I need for my clients. Why would I go anywhere else!"

Sue Elam
On Location, Inc
Corinth, MS

"A portrait photographer is only as good as their lab."


"I'm fortunate in that a large portion of my business involves canvas-mounted wall portraits. My customers are discriminating. They expect a creative, well-produced portrait. The creativity is my part, the rest is up to the lab. I switched to Mid-South Color Labs over fifteen years ago because they deliver well-printed, exquisitely mounted prints...time after time. When the inevitable problem does arise, they are very accommodating and quick to adjust. The real test of a lab comes at Christmas. Mid-South makes my Christmas seasons the easiest they have been in years. As a portrait photographer, you're only as good as your lab. Mid-South does their part in making me look good all year long."

Colin Miller
M. Photog., Cr., TCD, TSD
Strauss Peyton
St. Louis, MO

"I wish I had done this years earlier"


"I had worked with my previous lab for 25 years. Over the years, with acquisitions and mergers the lab I worked with became a behemoth.. We became only an account number.. the icing on the cake was the closing of the local lab.  I was ripe for change just when I received a phone call from a trusted and admired friend suggesting I try Mid-South Color.. I am very hesitant of change. 

My Gosh, I cannot tell you how pleased I am. I wish I had done this years earlier.  It took only a  short time to work out my preferences and what a difference, the color of the prints are consistently exceptional, no re-do's. Better than the work, however, is the incredible staff.. Brooks is an outstanding human being.   There is not enough that can be said about his wonderful personality.  I don't think there is anything he would not do for you..  If you need it tomorrow, it will be there. So there you have it.. excellent product, incredible service, wonderful people... Thank you very much Mid-South!  I look forward to a long working relationship with you."

Greg Rademacher
Rademacher Portraiture
Prior Lake, MN