The Mid-South technique mounts photographic prints to canvas in a way that gives the most even and pronounced canvas texture possible.

Unlike most labs, we strip the resin coated layer from the back of the print by hand to expose the paper fibers. This is a delicate process but it allows us to spray adhesive directly into the fibers to soften the emulsion for the maximum canvas texture to be revealed.

The prints are placed in a specially designed press to bond them to canvas under heat and pressure. The print is embedded in the canvas threads and will not separate from the canvas. You can choose to have your prints mounted on 1/8” Masonite board or ¾” stretcher strips.

We finish the prints with real lacquer, not water-based coatings like most labs use. Lacquer give greater protection from UV light and from handling and abrasions. Plus it has a sheen that gives added depth and dimension to the print.

Here is a video that shows the many steps in our process.