With many years of experience, you can trust our artists to make your images look their very best.

We offer several levels of artwork ranging from Basic to Enhanced and even beyond.

Basic retouching includes blemish removal, slight wrinkle softening, teeth whitening, toning down facial shine,removal of a few stray hairs and minor glasses glare.

Enhanced retouching includes all Basic services and adds: eye enhancement-whiten eyes and define irises, more detailed wrinkle softening, remove minor tanlines, smooth double chin and lightening facial shadows.

Extensive retouching includes any special requests such as head swaps, background removal or extension, object removal, multi-image composites, new backgrounds, etc.

Digital painter art work includes digitally brush stroking every pixel in the image. Click here for more information on Painter.

Below is an example of our Enhanced Retouching.  By moving the slider, you can see before and after.  Notice the skin, eyes, hair, teeth and clothing.  (Image courtesy of Lyn Ofrane Photography)